What constitutes the being and nature of things;  
What is most pure and subtle;  
To be;  

Our essence is what we are, it is what defines our existence. That which motivates us, makes us look ahead and guides us towards our goals. It is the most particular unit that makes us live.  

And what makes us connect with this essence?  
Nature, feet on the ground, the breeze in your face, the sun that rises and sets at the end of the day, giving way to the moon that moves our world.  It is the plants that provide us with strength, energy and food.  
The smells.  
The smiles.  
The tears.  
The heart beats - when they beat together, they are stronger.  
This all inspired us to create the Essence collection.  
The choice of fabrics was thought out in the best way so as not to harm our Planet and the choice of materials itself was made from the surplus we had in our factory;  
The models were designed with timelessness in mind, both in terms of colors and shapes;  
The names were chosen from the flavors of teas, which are good for the body and soul, just like the pieces in the collection.